Avon club competition scores this year
To qualify for the club competition, you need to be a member and to shoot 5 rounds in a particular division.
2 external rounds can be counted towards each total.
“marked” can be a round of ANAA Field or 14 targets of IFAA Field or IFAA Hunter.
“unmarked” is a round of ANAA Unmarked Safari.
“marked safari” is a round of ANAA Marked Safari.
“hcap” is a handicap system devised at Avon based on the day’s score compared to previous scores.
Only completed rounds will count. Rounds may be shortened by the committee due to weather events or similar situations. The number of rounds to qualify may be adjusted by the committee depending upon the number of that type of round scheduled for the year.

Other scores and results of tournaments at Avon
IFAA NSW State May 2014
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IFAA NNSW Sep 2013
ABA Branch Mar 2013
IFAA NSW State May 2012
IFAA NNSW Sept 2011
Pacific Regional Final 2011
IFAA NNSW Sep 2010
IFAA NSW State May 2010
ABA NSW State Oct 2009
ifaabranchavon 12_09_09
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