ABA Ranges

The Bellbird range starts near the club house and winds its way up and around into a dry creek valley to the West. A natural setting with some steep slopes to negotiate.

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The Goanna ABA range makes use of a creek valley up and over the ridge behind the clubhouse. Some interesting shots along the creek and criss-crossing the valley. Some say that the hardest part is the walk up the hill to the first target.

IFAA Ranges

The Koala range is set up as a 28 target 'Field' round. The first part of the range is set in rolling grassland. The second part is back into the forest. Watch for the 80 yarder up the hill!

The Wallaby range is a 28 target 'Hunter' round. The first 14 targets is a herringbone design along the fire trail on the ridge behind the clubhouse. Wooded, with lots of downhill shots. The second part is set in a creek valley with tight shots along and across the valley.

Wallaby map.

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